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Welcome to the Mists!

I am new to the world of blogging maybe we can part the mists together, I am a fast learner! I really do not want to offend anyone with the subjects that I might discuss and hope everyone will understand until i get the hang of this. I am hoping that this will help with my communication and writing skills with every facet of my life.

Conforming is not something that I do so if I offend anyone I apologize before hand. I cared for my mother until her death so now I am finally trying to find the parts of myself that i put aside for that time. It was not an easy thing to watch a vibrate and strong willed person slowly fade and become the child instead of the parent. I miss her but I know I did all I could to make her happy and she was comfortable until her last breath.

Enough for this post. Looking forward to many good conversations.



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